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Make your advertisement the lead story

Now, you can cover the news. Make your advertising message the center of attention with a spadea, available on nearly every section of the newspaper (including the front page). Maximize your impact with plenty of space and prime placement.

Unparalleled exposure and visibility

Readers will be drawn to your advertisement as they reach for their favorite section of the newspaper, making your ad impossible to ignore. And, with three pages of advertising room, the possibilities are endless.

Cover your target market

Make a huge impact with an ad wrapped around any section of the newspaper — targeting the market of your choice. The three-page, wrap-around spadea includes the front and back of the Spadea, in addition to the outside back cover of the secton, giving you two full pages and two half pages. The one-page Spadea gate includes the front and back of the Spadea, providing two half pages for your ad.


Full-color capability, available on both sides, makes your spadea ad eye-catching and attractive.

Guaranteed positioning

Guaranteed positioning is available on select days.

For general information, please see the Standard-Page Column-Widths on our Print Ad Specs page. Visit our retail and general rates pages to see applicable rates and agreements. For specific ad measurements, discount packages and corresponding rates, please contact your account manager or call (619) 293-1544.

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Make a huge impact with an ad wrapped around any section of the newspaper, reaching consumers in your target demographic based on the section’s readers.

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