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main news seciton

Global, national and local news

Greet San Diegans with your ad in the Front Page Section of San Diego’s leading newspaper. Reach readers as they catch up on current events.

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Our region sections

San Diego news

Tie your business into San Diego's local news. Readers are invested in San Diego and interested in businesses that support local San Diego areas.

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Zone sections

Zone Advertising

Target a specific neighborhood in the section of your choice with zoned advertising. With sections specific to each region (North, South, Central and East), your ad will reach consumers in your neighborhood. You can advertise to the regions in San Diego you select and take advantage of discounted zone rates.

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Business sections


Target knowledgeable, interested consumers as they read about the shakeups, mergers, movers, shakers and more in the business world.

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Sports section


Our daily Sports section brings San Diego the play-by-play with award-winning coverage of pro and collegiate sports and a rundown of prep sports every Tuesday. Get in the game with an ad in Sports and score with players and spectators alike.

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Guaranteed Positioning

Guaranteed Positioning

Place your message in any one of a variety of sections, including main news. You pick not only when, but also where your ad will run. You can be certain your ad placement is locked in, so you can focus on other aspects of your promotion.

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Make a huge impact with an ad wrapped around any section of the newspaper, reaching consumers in your target demographic based on the section’s readers.

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